Addie in a nut shell

Woah! Opinions! What the world does she have to say?!

Hello, fellow people with Opinions. My name is Addie Griffith. I created this blog to serve as a place for me to share my Opinions. That could be silly things, social issues, different people, or anything else I may have thoughts about. Here are a few things about me so we can become friends:

  1. I am a Christian. If you are wanting to immediately leave my page after reading that 1st sentence, I ask you to give me a little bit of your time. I do want you to be aware, though, that all of my Opinions are filtered through the Bible. With that being said, my beliefs and Opinions may not agree with yours, but you know what, that is perfectly OK.
  2. Missions & travel are my passions. People are my favorite. I have the desire to go everywhere & meet everyone. I know that is impossible, but a girl can dream. Missions trips allow that dream to be attained, kind of *insert laughing emoji*. It encompasses my 2 favorite things: sharing Jesus & traveling.
  3. I am African at heart. Fun fact: Africa is a continent NOT a country. For those of you who knew this, sorry for that not-so-fun fact. BUT, for those of you did not know that, SURPRISE! Anyway, I have traveled to several countries in Africa & plan on visiting to many more. My long term goal is to move there once I finish college.
  4. Quirky is my middle name. Christian, colored hair (at different points in my life), my parents are cool, I don’t like “girly” movies (with the exception of Pride and Prejudice), etc. If you haven’t noticed already, I am not your average young “adult” female. (At this point in my life, I do not claim the title of adult.) But, the bible says that as Christians, we are to be so different that we seem like aliens to our own society.
  5. Not sure where I would be without my friends. They are literally the most amazing group of people. They encourage & challenge me all while we have a great time. We care & love each other deeply. We are all VERY different, but our relationships with Jesus are what connect us all.

WoW! Thanks for getting to the end! I hope we can relate & connect just a little better now. I leave you with this quote that was already here, but I thought it was cool.

– addie g 🙂

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton